Our Aims

Our vision is to contribute to improving children's early years education across Cornwall, building an outstanding children’s nursery, providing the highest quality childcare for families across the county.


1) To provide a warm and nurturing environment in which children feel physically and emotionally safe.

2) To provide a happy, safe, calm environment where children thrive and learn.

3) To provide a high quality nursery experience, where children are at the heart of everything that happens.

4) To build secure and trusting relationships with children and their families, valuing parents as their children’s first and most important educators.

5) To celebrate diversity, appreciating and respecting the things that make each child unique

6) To continuously strive to improve the nursery into the best that it can be


We firmly believe in aspiring to be better, with excellence in everything we do. We won’t settle or be satisfied with mediocre or the ‘status quo’. We are a nursery that will continue to develop and improve by always putting the children in the centre of everything. 

We value parent’s opinions and are open to hear any suggestions you can offer regarding what we could do better at Trevorder Teddies.


At Trevorder Teddies we foster genuine love for the children in our care – a cliche maybe, which may sound obvious, but we see love as a verb – a doing word, not just something we say. Actions speak louder than words, and when we genuinely love the children, we show this, not just say it. This is in all the little things – a big smiley welcome when your child comes to nursery, a hug when they’re not feeling themselves, or simply taking the time to listen when children tell us about all their interests and curiosities.

We are a family at Trevorder Teddies – a loving community where children are known as individuals that matter.


Our nursery strives to nurture all children in our care. We want every child to feel safe, secure, loved, cared for and cherished. Making childhood memories last a life time. .We are a family and each and everyone of our children are part of it. 

Our Ethos

At Trevorder Teddies we allow our children to be children, while equipping them with the skills, passions and attributes to take them into further education. We strongly believe in the value of learning through play and experiencing real life experiences. Children learn best when they are truly engaged in high quality play. Children are encouraged to be independent, to explore and be curious after all Nursery is all about fun, happiness and being a child! We aim to provide a home from home environment through a calming tranquil space.